Please fill in the form on this website once we announce the Call for Entries. You can also send us a request at apply@digitalic.com.

Entries to Digital Investment Company Award close on December 1, 2020. The panel of judges will conclude the award debates on February 1, 2021.

Don’t worry, we don’t charge anything for nomination submissions. You are welcome to join!

We are open to submissions from investment companies worldwide. PR agencies, consultants and other third parties are welcome to submit entries on behalf of their clients or counterparts with respective approval from the contestants.

Digital Investment Company Award is an award established in 2020 with the purpose of encouraging and recognising investment companies that pursue excellence in their digital outreach activities. Our aim is to set a highbar of success among the world’s leading investment companies and provide a platform for the discovery of emerging talents.

The finalists will be announced on February 1, 2021 on the Digital Investment Company Award site.

Digital Investment Company Award gets your expertise in the spotlight. You will be covered in the Digital Investment Company Award press-release and social media posts – and get a participant’s certificate. Digital Investment Company Award is a springboard to global recognition in the world of finance.

In the ‘Comment to Apply’ form, please tell us how your project stands out as a digital community builder. Also, feel free to share links to your social media platforms, proprietary materials such as blogs, as well as sources to news or other sources introducing your digital footprint.